Global Case Competition at Harvard

Connecting The World's Brightest Minds
Meet the Team
An international team offering an international challenge.

The EBG and IFSA  are proud, through collaboration, to bring you a truly unique and premiere global event.

Supervisory Board

Jules Maitrepierre
Jules is a French entrepreneur living in The Netherlands.

He is the Founder of IFSA Network and of The Tutorist.
He has previously worked in private equity, microfinance and strategy consulting.

He is currently finishing a post graduate degree in Strategic Management at the Rotterdam School of Management.

Jules' interests include astrophysics, surrealism and sociology.

Board of Directors

Jack Stone
Executive Director - Americas
Jack is the co-president of the Harvard College European Business Group.

Originally from Los Angeles, he's now studying Economics at Harvard College.

He holds a strong interest for international business, focusing on topics such as media, energy and finance.
Jack speaks Spanish, French, Arabic, and Portuguese, and is an avid rower.
Nikita Parfeniouk
Executive Director - EMEA
Nikita  is the Chairman & President of the Geneva chapter of the IFSA Network. 

Of Russian descent, he's currently studying Economics & Management as an undergraduate at the University of Geneva​, ​in Switzerland.

He has also been involved in various NGOs,  mostly dealing with international relations, and has previously worked as a financial controller.

Nikita holds an interest for photography, postmodern literature and Martial Arts.


Barthelemy Sibaud
Communications Manager
Barthelemy is a French student, pursuing an undergraduate degree in Geneva, Switzerland.

He has lived in London, only before joining the French Alpine Rangers Battalion, serving for 5 years. 

Barthelemy wants to pursue a career in commodity trading and is an avid mountaineer.
Camille Tistounet
Legal Advisor
Diana Schoeller
​​Director of Media Strategy
Igor Ljachowic
​​Director of Operations
Camille is a graduate student in Economic Law and completing a Certificate of Transnational Law at the University of Geneva.
Beside her studies, she enjoys getting involved in her community and practices various sports, such as skiing, tennis and even boxing.
Diana is a junior, visiting for a year from the University of St. Gallen. In Switzerland, she started her B.A. in Business Administration and served as board member of one of Europe’s major student business consultancies. She is very interested in European-American business and its potential.
  Igor is the Vice Chairman of IFSA Geneva. After having accomplished Law studies in Germany, he moved to Switzerland to study Economics.
He is fluent in English, Russian, German, Ukrainian and French.
He holds a strong interest for entrepreneurship, trading and equity investments, both private and public.
Andrew Sterne
Quentin Garnier
Global Head of Marketing - IFSA
Reed McMurchy 
Director of Corporate Strategy
Andrew is a junior studying Economics. Originally from San Francisco, Andrew has always had a strong interest in learning about businesses and what makes them successful. After living in Spain for a summer, he has been particularly fascinated by the relations of European economies.
 Quentin is currently pursuing a bachelor of International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management.  Working on IFSA’s various international competitions already enabled him to work with students from many renowned universities from all over the world.
His goal is to expand the Network and provide even greater opportunities for IFSA’s members to grow and challenge themselves.
Quentin also likes rowing, reading, and photography.
Reed is a junior studying Government. Raised in Connecticut, he is very interested in the intersection of business and media.
He has worked at Fox News alongside Megyn Kelly on her primetime program The Kelly File and at the White House, where he focused on domestic policy.
Christina Neckermann​
Director of International Relations
Oscar Mandin
Director of Sponsor Strategy
Anthony Killen
Director of Marketing
Christina is a junior studying Government and Economics. She is involved in the German American Conference, the Financial Analysts Club, and the Harvard International Review. She loves traveling, learning foreign languages, and spending time with friends and family.
Oscar is originally from the French Alps.
He's currently leading the Finance Department of IFSA Geneva.
Currently a senior student in Economics & Finance, he holds a strong interest for commodity trading and equity investments.
In his free time, Oscar is also a professional skier.
  Anthony is from Geneva, Switzerland.
He’s currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Digital Business Management.
He has a strong interest for the digital world and is looking for ways to fuse it with the current economic structures.
He’s directing the marketing and events department at IFSA Geneva
Anthony is also an avid golfer and swimmer.

Ismael Yerbanga
Project Manager
Maxim Chupilkon
Project Manager
Paul Artigue
Head of Financial Controlling
  Ismael is currently a master student in Finance & Investments and an IFSA Project Manager in Rotterdam.
He enjoys expanding his network and building long-lasting relationships.
He’s looking forward to a career in financial advisory, namely help corporates and institutions grow and prosper through appropriate financial management.
In his free time, he enjoys different sports and is a strong supporter of cultural diversity.

Maxim is the Chairman of IFSA Moscow. He's currently a student at the New Economic School in Moscow.
Maxim has a strong interest for development economics, behavioral economics, and financial regulation.
  Paul is completing a double master degree in Accounting & Finance and Business Information Management. He holds a strong interest for business transformation and corporate finance.He’s currently leading the Finance department of IFSA Rotterdam and has previous experience as an Underwriting Assistant in a large insurance company. Paul also likes football, cycling and biology.

Harvard College
European Business Group

The Harvard College European Business Group is a multicultural organisation within Harvard College.

A lot of their members are not from the United States, granting them an international exposure.


From left to right:

Diana Schoeller​, Director of Media Strategy

- Jack Stonem Co-President

- Richard Dunn, Co-President

- Andrew Sterne, Director of Finance

IFSA Geneva

From left to right:

Oscar Mandin​, Director of Sponsor Strategy

- Igor Ljachowic, Vice-President

- Nikita Parfeniouk, President

- Camille Tistounet, Secretary General and Legal Advisor.

We want to personally thank:

Alberto Pacheco

Brendan Smith Walters

Charles Dognin


Mr. Pacheco is the co-founder of the Global Case Competition at Harvard. Without him, this competition would have never seen the day.
He has worked hard to create this international event, and we are truly grateful for it.

Along with Mr. Pacheco, Mr. Smiths has co-founded the Global Case Competition at Harvard.​ 
Without his work, this event would not exist.
Co-President, ESCP | HEC Finance Club

(Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris | Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris)​.
Mr. Dogning has helped develop the competition.